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Talent Policy

"People as Base", meaning to focus on employee development, creating excellent working conditions and providing full welfare for employees, is the core talent policy of the DTW Group.

With the rapid development of the Chinese economy the logistics industry is entering a very important phase at this time. The DTW Group is going forward and developing into a fully integrated and modern logistics service provider with practices and operations in line with international standards.

The leadership team of the DTW Group through the employees of DTW is constantly improving the competiveness of DTW, improving the quality of life of employees and constantly supporting the material and spiritual well being of society.

The DTW Group is now implementing 33211 core talent training programs. The objective of DTW is to train special talents in supply chain management and integrated logistics. Training programs are mainly developed and delivered in-house but when needed external resources are brought in. Through this training, management skills, logistics skills, employee quality will be improved such as to enable DTW to create an advanced logistics team. In addition, the DTW Group always provides support to employees to have access to knowledge and develot their skills with an extensive training for the professional development of all employees.

If you would like to work in an environment full of challenges, if you hope to join a successful team and are eager to exert your abilities, if you are a person who always seeks new knowledge and responsibility, then welcome join DTW Group!

Future employees of DTW, in DTW we will provide you a strong platform for your development. Excellent people will travel with DTW to a brilliant future.

The only long lasting competitive advantage is to study more quickly than your competitors!


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