Industrial Experience
Healthcare Introduction

Pharmaceuticals, Medicals and other healthcare commodities are very sensitve products which are heavily managed and supervized by government and related regulations in China just like the rest of the world. At the same time, the nature of these products require special handling during import, export, storage, distribution and recycle at all time. DTW understand the special requirements, strictly follow the compliance policy, design the solution, implement and monitor the process till we reach customer goal.

In order to ensure full compliance, DTW has gained 3rd party logistics certificate for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, according to China FDA regulation, which is very curcial in the first step.

Meanwhile, DTW has strong present and footpring in China including:

    - Temperature control warehouses and trucks

    - Medicals freindly WMS for labeling and other value-added service

    - Time defined cold chain courier for biotech

    - Trained operation and quality management team

We believe the significant growth healthcare market in China and continue to invest in this field. With DTW's expertize, we can help our customers to grow their market share quickly.