Core Product
Smart E-Commerce
Business Introduction

E-Commerce become a significant market in China where our customers have to strategically study or even participate actively.

DTW believe e-commerce is not only a market trend but also a new sales channel especially in China when the population and size of the country are all massive. Our customers can quickly penetrate their China market if they find the right business solution, whatever our customer are in traditional sales channel or being totally new in China market.

DTW Smart E-Commerce will help our customers with a low entry level approach to quickly establish an on-line shop whatever they have off-line shop in China or not. It is not only a logistic solution in warehouse and distribution but also a business solution in sales channel, trade compliance and payment settlement.

Today our customers include major China e-commerce platform players, importers/exporters as well as small enterprises. DTW help our customers in their domestic/international transportation, import/export trade, inventory, on-line sales, order fulfillment and all the activities to bring products quickly into end users.

Do you worry about your sales channel? Come to DTW!

Customer value

1. One-stop-shop solution for E-Commerce.

2. Low entry level sales channel and business plan.

3. Safe and quick money withdrawn.

4. Comprehensive process and visible progress.