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Contracted Logistics
Business Introduction

DTW Logistics consider inventory is one of the key successful elements of our customers in their competition. We aim to provide the best inventory management solution and visibility to maximize customers' investment in their stock whatever they are finished goods, components, returned goods and RMA.

With DTW's in-house Warehouse Management System (WMS) and various industrial experience, we have successfully connected our customers with their suppliers, buyers, custom house and all related parties to achieve our customer's goal.

In order to tackle complicate information and Just-in-time requirement, our solutions support various data exchange protocol, bar code, RFID, APP and other technologies.

Starting from a complete service assessment till full implementation plan and project finished, every step we make is to ensure we do it right from the very beginning with predictable result. This is DTW way!

DTW Feature

1. Professional Solution Design and Innovation team.

2. WMS flexibility and safety.

3. Solution ready for various industries and China market.

4. Full China footprint and local knowledge.

5. Proved trace record in operation and quality stability.