Core Product
Smart Distribution
Business Introduction

A lot of customers may struggle to bridge the gaps between their warehouse and transportation when customers use 2 different logistic service providers. The challenges occur all the time in inventory shortage, broken communication, shipment damage, responsibility and security.

With DTW in-house capabilities in warehouse and trucking network in China, we are pleased to offer an integrated warehouse-transportation integrated solution, Smart Distribution!

Based on our customer requirements, DTW help customers to seamlessly convert warehouse inventory into shipping order via DTW WMS and TMS system with full visibility in one team. We are able to manage customers' stock and sales, inventory and distribution via customers' electronic instruction. We free our customers from all their logistic challenges so that customers focus their important job.

Smart Distribution brings complicate inventory management and cross-dock functions all together under the same roof and one team, will help to integrate the inventory in warehouse and on-the-go, optimize transportation route and warehouse location according to customer's business plan.

Customer value

1. One-stop-shop solution for warehouse and transportation.

2. Cost optimization in transportation and inventory.

3. Clear goal and better efficiency.

4. Better customer experience.