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The Founder
The Founder

Mr. Wang Shusheng, established in 1992 the company that became the Tianjin Datian W. Group Co., Ltd..  Mr. Wang is now the Chairman of Tianjin Datian W. Group Co., Ltd. and its sister company Huatian Investment Co., Ltd.

His philosophy in life is that one needs to set a goal and achieve it through consistent and persistent efforts. He is the embodiment of this philosophy having established Datian with only a capital of RMB 60,000. His persistent efforts made him take one of the most outstanding journey of the logistics industry in China. He first developed Tianjin Huatian Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., operating as an air cargo successfully established a joint-venture in Beijing with FedEx to provide express delivery services. FedEx was at the time the largest air express delivery company in the world. The joint venture developed rapidly, with an annual sales increase of more than 30%. The Datian FedEx joint venture became one of the most successful Sino-Foreign joint venture ever.

In August 2003, Mr. Wang Shusheng moved the headquarters of the Datian Group from Tianjin to Beijing, marking the transformation of DTW from a regional freight forwarding company to a full service logistics company. A new organization structure was created, senior international management was hired. DTW is constantly improving business processes and service quality in line with the standards of the international logistics industry.

In 2008, Mr. Wang Shusheng decided to launch domestic LTL transport services and invested RMB 400 million to build a China-wide transportation network with a large number of hubs, an advanced IT system to provide a very high level of customer services. The goal of DTW is to become the largest and most professional less-than-truckload (LTL) service provider in China.

During the past 16 years Mr. Wang Shusheng led the development of DTW towards a full service integrated logistics service provider, implementing advanced logistics management concepts and technology while also being creative in the implementation of services in freight forwarding, contract logistics and distribution. All together DTW provides complete services for supply chain management operations and is firmly on the road to becoming one of the best global integrated logistics supplier in China.

Mr. Wang Shusheng believes that "what you get out is proportional to the effort you put in". This is the principle he used to build a win-win relationship between the company and its employees and customers. Employees benefit, the company benefits and customers benefit through superior customer services. This leads to a common goal that achieves the perfect balance between the interests of all stakeholders in the company and society at large.

Mr. Wang Shusheng is very sensitive to corporate social responsibility and is active in several projects to support the development of education in China. Mr. Wang as an entrepreneur, is making a great contribution to the social development of China. Even during times of economic crisis he is still making generous donations of more than RMB 3,390,000 for the earthquake-stricken Wenchuan. Over the past 10 years, DTW Group has donated over RMB 19 million.

Mr. Wang believes that in the 21st century, things will change at an accelerated pace. The only certainty is change itself. The source of long term competitiveness is the ability of a company to learn and adapt faster than its competitors. Mr. Wang is building such a learning company through training of employees and management.


Member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Tianjin.

Vice President of China International Freight Forwarding< Association.

Vice President of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.

Executive Director of China Communications and Transportation Association.

Director of the China Charity Federation.

Vice President of Tianjin Charity Association.

Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce in Tianjin.

President of Chamber of Commerce in Tianjin, Hainan Branch.

Director of Tianjin Municipal Government Liaison Office in Hainan.

Visiting professor at the Civil Aviation University of China.

Visiting Professor at the University of International Business and Economy.

Main Social Titles

New China 60 years shipping and logistics outstanding people.

Brilliant 60 years China road transportation people.

Tianjin city 2nd excellent builders for Chinese featured socialism cause.

China Charity Award for outstanding contribution.


Top 10 Leaders of Transport and Logistics Industry in the 30 Years of China's Reform and Opening-up.

Leading Man of the Global Chinese in 2008.

The Most Social Responsible Entrepreneur of China's logistics Industry.

Innovation Award of Brand Building in China.


Harmonious China - Top Ten Most Influential People in 2007.

China's Top Ten Most Influential Leaders of Private Enterprises.

The Most Creative Chinese leader.

China's Logistics Star - Outstanding Person Award.


Most Influential People in China Logistics.

Top 10 Excellent Enterprises on brands developed in China.

"Distinguished Logistics Professional" (DLP) as issued by The ASTL


Top 10 China Economy Talents.


1st Place of the Top 10 "Excellent People in Management in China".

Top 10 Excellent Enterprisers for brand building in China.

The Most Influential Entrepreneur in Private Logistics.

1st Place Award of 100 most influential promoters and

contributors to charity in China.


Top 10 People of Chinese Logistics Industry.